system-config-keyboard needs some loving, any takers?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri Jun 3 11:21:02 UTC 2011

Le Ven 3 juin 2011 13:12, Marko Myllynen a écrit :

> It seems that Debian has solved this by offering layouts from
> xkeyboard-config during installation and then generating corresponding
> console keymap based on the selection on the fly with console-setup [3].

This is the correct way to go, non xkeyboard-config layout databases need to
die, it's already horrible enough to specify a good xkb layout without needing
to rewrite it manually in another language.

(aside from the layouts not present outside xkeyboard-config, I wouldn't be
surprised if others that were synced in the past have not bitroted in kbd)

Nicolas Mailhot

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