Installing bash-completion by default in F-16

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sat Jun 4 11:20:56 UTC 2011

On 06/02/2011 05:47 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:

>>From a size perspective, it's not a huge deal - 500k with no deps that
> aren't already in @core. From a functionality perspective, it would be
> good to fix the issues it has with disconnected machines, etc. - I've
> always removed it personally because the times where it  would annoy me 
> would always weigh higher than the times where it helped.

The response thus far seems to be somewhat net negative, but it seems to
me that most of the negative feedback is also coming from people who
haven't been using bash-completion for a while.

I'd invite people to try out the latest packages, and if the issues are
still present, filing bugs about them (preferably upstream at if it's not
packaging related, otherwise in Red Hat Bugzilla).  The most noticeable
things that have happened lately are that the initial load time has
decreased and will continue to decrease with future development, and
probably one of the things that annoyed people most and most often -
consulting avahi for hostname completions - has been turned off by
default.  There are also many smaller performance and other improvements.

And yes, some things continue to be slow (for example various yum
completions, scp/sftp/rsync remote path completions etc), but ideas and
especially patches how to speed them up are welcome.  And for some of
the mentioned things, in my opinion some slowness is acceptable because
it's still faster than the alternative - if for example you need a
remote path for scp, it'll in many cases be slower to find out the path
by manually logging in remotely and looking it up and then typing it
instead of just waiting for the completion to finish.

I must say that I'm completely unaware of any problems with
bash-completion on disconnected machines, because I've never used it on
one and don't remember seeing a related bug report.  Can someone who
knows what those problems are point me to a direction what to look for
so I don't need to go shooting in the dark, or even better file specific
bugs about them?

I can't say much more about the other issues people have said in this
thread because a lot of it is vague discussion, filing specific bugs is
the second best way to help getting them fixed; the best of course being
sending patches :)

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