[Fwd: [fedora-arm] Activity Day June 10th - ARMv7 F15 hardfp bringup]

Jon Masters jcm at redhat.com
Sun Jun 5 00:53:41 UTC 2011


If you're interested in getting involved in the armv7hl[0] bringup,
please do subscribe to the ARM list and follow along/join us Fri for the
first of what will hopefully be several sessions dedicated to bootstrap
of F15 hardfp bits, followed by building the universe around those.


[0] We're making a "one time" incompatible ABI switch in F-15 bringup to
the "hard float" ABI defined in section 6 of the ARM AAPCS (commonly
referred to as the ARM EABI - but that doesn't actually exist as a
name). The procedure call standard will be ARM AAPCS vfpv3-d16, as
defined in section 6 of that document. Other distros are switching and
this will form the basis of any LSB standardization effort later on.
Think of v7 and v5 as being different arches, which they are really.

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