Installing bash-completion by default in F-16

Alexander Boström abo at
Sun Jun 5 12:46:25 UTC 2011

lör 2011-06-04 klockan 13:38 +0200 skrev Reindl Harald:

> no - i am using bash-completion since years on all machines
> but i do not like making default-install bigger as really needed
> let the users install what THEY think they need and do not go the
> apple-way deciding what is good for users

I'm in favour of installing bash-completion by default because it's not
really about adding functionality but rather about working around a
problem with bash: It's silly and wrong that tab completion only works
on filenames.

"ssh " TAB - do you want to ssh to Desktop or to Documents?

Consider a hypothetical bash-uncompletion which just blacklists tab
completion in those cases where it doesn't make sense but never adds any
new completion sources. Should that be installed by default? It would be
rather small and light.


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