koji attempting to use qt3-devel rpm rather than qt-devel on fedora 13 build root

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Wed Jun 8 10:55:05 UTC 2011

William Cohen wrote:
> Any suggestions on tweaks to the oprofile.spec file force it to use qt4
> based qt-devel rpm would be appreciated.

We strongly recommend using qt4-devel as the BuildRequires because:
* It will keep working when Qt 5 will become the default qt-devel.
* It allows comparing versions without an Epoch (e.g. BuildRequires:
qt4-devel >= 4.7).
* It avoids this precise issue.

That said, we did fix qt3-devel to stop Providing qt-devel (which turned out 
to cause more problems than it solved; the original idea was to allow apps 
to use BuildRequires: qt-devel < 1:4, but BuildRequires: qt3-devel is the 
better solution anyway), but that fix didn't trickle into F13 updates, 

        Kevin Kofler

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