F15 / VirtualBox

Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Thu Jun 9 10:01:06 UTC 2011

Quoting "Mike McGrath" <mmcgrath at redhat.com>:

> I've seen some reports of F15 not working in Virtualbox.  There's a few
> notes online about possible fixes.  Is there some way we can better test
> this in the future (I'm thinking about QA but that might not be the right
> place).
> Smolt has virtualbox rated as pretty common:
> http://smolts.org/static/stats/stats.html
> Just seems like we're potentially missing a lot of potential users there.
> It's preventing the default live CD from running.
> 	-Mike

I agree. As virtualization technology becomes more and more involved  
and frequent on users systems, particularly with advanced Linux users,  
I think there needs to be a strong focus on ensuring that all releases  
run in virtualized environments without any major issues. ie.  

Perhaps a dedicated team among the developers who specialize in this area.


Chris Jones

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