systemd: please stop trying to take over the world :)

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Sat Jun 11 02:31:57 UTC 2011

On 06/11/2011 05:20 AM, Genes MailLists wrote:
>   Lets be blunt here - he pushed very very very hard on these very lists
> to get systemd in - now its in F15 and there are problems - so no
> punting please. Upstream and fedora are the same for syste
That is a gross over simplification.  Fedora is just one of the many
distros integrating systemd and there are developers from other distros
including Novell involved in systemd and contributing to it.  If we
start discussing every project where Red Hat is heaving involved, that
list is long

> [1] Yes he spoke with another distro - but no-one is using it. So its a
> fedora only project until its picked up somewhere else - which has not
> happened yet.

That's not true.   Mandriva 2011 is already including it by default.  So
is MeeGo.   OpenSUSE has announced that it is using it by default in
their next release.  Not to mention other distros who have included it
in their repos.  It is far from a Fedora only project.   The proper
place for general discussions about systemd is

Only Fedora specific bugs should be discussed here. 


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