F15 / VirtualBox

Gilboa Davara gilboad at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 15:02:17 UTC 2011

> > 1. Easy setup of networking (bridged).
> Just to followup, to setup bridged net on kvm I need to reboot my server.  
> That's a non-starter.

And long as you're will to do the hard work yourself, there's no need to
reboot your machine.

1. Create a bridge configuration for each target network devices (E.g.
ifcfg-vbr0 for ifcfg-eth0).
2. Mark the ethX device as IP-less and boot-protocol-less (IPADDR=,
IPV6_ADDR=, BOOTPROTO=none) and bridge controlled (BRIDGE=brX),
configure the bridge device (DEVICE=brX, TYPE=Brdige, IPADDR, IPV6_ADDR,
2. Disable NM on both the bridge and the Ethernet device
3. Restart NM. (Or disable it if all your Ethernet devices are bridged)
4. Enable and start network service.
(If you don't want to interrupt incoming connections, you'll have to
start each network device by hand)
5. Profit.

At worse, you'll have a 2-3 second interruption while the bridge assumes
the IP address originally held by the Ethernet device.

- Gilboa

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