Are 3.0 kernels working for anyone?

Andre Robatino robatino at
Sat Jun 11 19:00:04 UTC 2011

Lucas <macachuto <at>> writes:

> I use systemd-28-3.fc16.i686 and updated it when it became available,
> but still have real problems 
> with boot.
> If it stops it happens definitely in systemd job - when it is starting
> services. And I can't find any errors.
> More important that I have changed selinux to permissive - there is
> no difference. I can boot only with selinux=0.
> I have tried upstart - it works without any problems.

If you've been using selinux=0, try doing a relabeling. I did "touch
/.autorelabel" and rebooted without selinux=0, but got dropped to
single-user mode. I then did "restorecon -R -v /" and rebooted successfully
without selinux=0. After that, I did "touch /.autorelabel" again and was able
to successfully reboot without selinux=0, without getting dropped to
single-user mode, and booting has been normal since. (This is all after
updating to the latest systemd.)

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