SYSTEMD: Give us a option for upstart

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sun Jun 12 22:27:43 UTC 2011

Am 13.06.2011 00:23, schrieb Steve Clark:
> On 06/12/2011 06:18 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> <sarcasm>don't you know you will save 15-30 seconds each time you boot up</sarcasm>
>> someone come out there and show me how will a 20 second-reboot on the
>> vmware-guest production servers will get 20 seconds faster
>> everybody out there is crying about boot / start times
>> have the peopole nothing to do as reboot their machines?
>> normally i start a computer and then it runs for a day, some weeks
>> or even some months, the same with open programs
> I agree - saying a main feature of systemd is improved boot times is idiotic.  I you boot your system in the
> morning and shut it down
> at night what does 30 seconds mean out of 8*60*60 seconds? Nothing. If your are concerned with boot times suspend
> to disk!

suspend to disk with 16 GB RAM - have fun :-)

i have really no problem with "systemd" but it would be wise to
use it only for new installations to get a wider userbase without
spit current users in their face instead give them time to play
and decide while have the benefit of nerwer kernels and better

this time "systemd" is not trustable since if there is a problem
with httpd the anser of a "service start" is OK and the service was
not started
[root at testserver:~]$ service httpd start
Starting httpd (via systemctl): [  OK  ]

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