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> On 2011-06-10, Luke Macken <lmacken at> wrote:
> >     * Buildroot Override Management
> >
> Excuse me for my low knowledge, what is good for?
> I mean, I know what's buildroot in Koji and that it can be used to
> prepare set of binary packages apart of standard buildroot and then
> merge them back to main buildroot.
> Provided this is the same thing, I have no idea why it is part of
> bodhi. I guess it should be part of koji client instead. Also I
> cannot see how I can specify inheritance for the new buildroot.
> Also the bodhi(1) from bodhi-client-0.8.0-1.fc15.noarch does not
> describe the option at all. Could somebody enlighten me?

This is a automated replacement for a formerly manual process. 

Say you have packages libfoo and bar and baz. 
bar and baz build against/depend on libfoo. 

When you update libfoo you want to also update bar and baz. 

Koji doesn't add packages to the build root (the collection of packages
that is used to build other packages) until the package is in the
stable updates repo. This is to prevent issues like an accidental or
broken package from being added and breaking things for others. 

So, you build the new libfoo. Then test locally against that build.
When you are ready and are sure it's in a good state, you request a
build root override to add it to the build root. Then you build your
bar and baz and submit all of libfoo, bar and baz in a single update. 

In the past this process was: 

- Submit a ticket to rel-eng in their trac
- Wait for someone to process it. 
- Use the override, build things. 
- Remember to go back to the ticket and say you were done with it. 
- Wait for someone to process that and close the ticket. 

Now this can be done in bodhi without needing to wait on people or
remember to go back and do things. 

It's in bodhi instead of koji because bodhi already has the interfaces
and ability to move tags and packages around. koji would need a
additional layer of interface and adding another tool would be a bad


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