Guide to setting karma thresholds?

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Mon Jun 13 16:49:43 UTC 2011

On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 10:43:42 -0500
Michael Ekstrand <michael at> wrote:

> I'm working on pushing my first bugfix to F15 (#711261), using the
> guides I found in the wiki[1][2].  For a non-critical-path package,
> the Update Policy says that it needs to meet the positive karma
> threshold set by the submitter, but does not indicate what that
> threshold should be or guidance for determining appropriate values.
> The default is 3; I'm assuming that leaving it there is a reasonable
> thing to do (and I won't be surprised if the 7-day criteria will be
> hit first for this package).
> However, I am still wondering: is there any guidance or policy
> published on how to determine appropriate karma thresholds?  What
> justifies increasing or decreasing the thresholds?  Userbase?  Impact
> of change?

There isn't that I know of. ;) Perhaps this would be a good chance to
try and draft one. In the end it's up to the maintainer, but there
could be some ideas to help along. Off the top of my head: 

* Are the changes small/well contained (less karma)
* Is this a security update with a single security change (less karma)
* Is this a popular package with lots of testers (more karma)
* Is this something that has been tested already by upstream or another
  distro? (less karma)
* Is this a bug that only affects a small number of users? (more karma)
* Is there likely to be another update soon? (less if you want to try
  and get this fix out now, more if you just wanted testing on this, to
  be obsoleted by another update when ready). 

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