conclusion: F15 / systemd / user-experience

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Jun 13 18:36:01 UTC 2011

first sorry for some bad words from mine, but this is how i feel in a situation not
knowing how to act since upgraded short ago to F14 in the hope get my energy
refreshed staying there for some  months and now realizing i will newer get new intel
hardware well supportd on it

please respect that some people are having really troubles with their health
(what is happening to me this time in a way i wish not for my worst enemy),
trying to make a great job at the same time as far as it is possible

many of them (as i) have taken responsible for a lot of systems running really well with
F14 and are having simply not the mental and physical energy to switch their whole
setup in an invasive way

but they are forced to do this because they needed new hardware and if you buy hardware
now which should work 5 years or longer you will take the latest generation :-(


Fedora should consider a not so invasive way like KDE4, GNOME3, systemd in an
early release especially for updated systems because what sometimes happens
here is that features are included at a time some people are hoping they are
ready and on the other hand kernel-updates like for F6/F7/F8 are stopped
in the latest releases -> 2.6.38 would support new intel-network cards

what after that happens with power-users which are not only insert a CD and
taking all as pre-configured is anger, frustration, fear....

try to fully support their configurations for two releases and only install KDE4,
GNOME3, systemd on new setups as default will bring you a real userbase to optimize
things without destroy the experience of users which are loving Fedora since "Fedora
Core 3" and showing their wish to have a little time to get warm with new features
without the feeling "take it or leave it" is respected

as said: i love the idea of systemd and i am sure this will finally be a great thing,
but we all know there are bugs in new and complex software - so if Fedora would try
not be so invasive to existing setups peopole with more than one machine have the option
to wait some weeks/months before the first after-release bugs are fixed while they can
update on new hardware for several reasons (Sandy Brdige network/graphics) without

Am 13.06.2011 09:47, schrieb Kevin Kofler:

> For KDE, it was just plain impossible to support both 3.5 and 4.0 

and so it was the wrong decision ship KDE4.0 which was really unusable
and upstream declared only for developers! before 4.2 KDE4 was buggy
like hell and missing a lot of options

nearly the same happens now with GNOME3 and is a spit in the face for
many users which are switched from KDE4.0 to GNOME because KDE4.0 was
not useable for them

> in the same distribution without violating the FHS.

interesting argument
where do you find /run in the FHS

oh i frgot this is for systemd and tech reasons
needed which are more important as the users which
have to live with "your" decisions....

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