conclusion: F15 / systemd / user-experience

Brian Wheeler bdwheele at
Mon Jun 13 19:02:43 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-06-13 at 20:36 +0200, Reindl Harald wrote:
> first sorry for some bad words from mine, but this is how i feel in a situation not
> knowing how to act since upgraded short ago to F14 in the hope get my energy
> refreshed staying there for some  months and now realizing i will newer get new intel
> hardware well supportd on it
> ______________________
> please respect that some people are having really troubles with their health
> (what is happening to me this time in a way i wish not for my worst enemy),
> trying to make a great job at the same time as far as it is possible
> many of them (as i) have taken responsible for a lot of systems running really well with
> F14 and are having simply not the mental and physical energy to switch their whole
> setup in an invasive way
> but they are forced to do this because they needed new hardware and if you buy hardware
> now which should work 5 years or longer you will take the latest generation :-(
> ______________________

As others have said:  you chose the wrong tool for the job.  Fedora
isn't for running on anything you want to keep stable in service for a
long time.  Heck, even the
page explicitly says that fedora devs "don't mind shaking up the status
quo, when it means we can more effectively move free software forward"

So maybe you should consider switching your servers to a RHEL 6 (or
clone) so they'll be stable and have new hardware support.  Heck, even
for my home servers I don't run fedora because shaking it up every 6
months or so is a pain...I can't imagine trying it on production


[For the record, I like systemd, but I couldn't stomach Gnome3.  So the
F15 upgrade was a mixed bag for me.  Switched to XFCE and I'm happy

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