GNOME3 and au revoir WAS: systemd: please stop trying to take over the world :)

Alexander Boström abo at
Tue Jun 14 04:51:46 UTC 2011

tis 2011-06-14 klockan 01:19 +0200 skrev Henrik Wejdmark:

> 3) When switching to Applications the default show all applications, which
> on a phone works great but on a workstation just floods my screen.  I do
> have more than 16 applications.....
> 4) Luckily I can still select a group of applications to narrow my search,
> but why is the hot spot in the top left corner and my list of groups on the
> far right side? A lot of mouse movement for a trivial, and commonly used,
> task.

Use the keyboard. It's very fast:

Meta "evol" Return

> 5) The default icon size in the application menu would work great on my TV
> when I'm sitting in the sofa, but on my laptop they are gigantic.
> 6) Favorites are a great idea. A quick bar for access to my most commonly
> used applications. So I added "terminal" immediately, but why don't I get a
> new terminal when I click it the second time?

Not really a fan of the application-centric approach either.


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