OpenBUGS program has a pre-compiled )S library from MS Windows. Any possibility to package it?

Jon Ciesla limb at
Tue Jun 14 15:54:33 UTC 2011

> I decided to try to help the cause of Bayesian statistics and the open
> source effort of the OpenBUGS group (  by
> making some packages. In case you are not a statistically-inclined
> person, it is worth knowing that Bayesian Updating with Gibbs Sampling
> (BUGS) has caused something of a methodological landslide since the
> early 1990s, helping scholars to model processes that were thought to
> be too difficult.
> In Linux, we do not have access to the OpenBUGS GUI, which
> I've built deb and rpm packages for RedHat, Fedora and Ubuntu.  They
> are available in my webspace and in the project.
> I wish these could be in the official linux repositories, but I've not
> tried to put these into an official repository because there are 2
> problems that seem prohibitive.
> First, the (now open) code for OpenBugs is written in Object Pascal
> and it requires a compiler framework called "Black Box" which is, as
> far as I can understand, available only for MS Windows.  The OpenBUGS
> team compiles that library, and then for linux we use some accessor
> scripts to send jobs to it.
> This, of course, goes against the packaging policy that pre-compiled
> libraries are prohibited.
> I was wondering if there could be an exception here, since the code is
> actually available and open.  This is more reasonable than
> re-packaging the closed Nvidia drivers, for example.

f it's actually open, build from source.  If it won't build from source
due to a missing dependency, include that in Fedora, built from source. 
If that's not possible because something it needs isn't open, I don't see
how this can be allowed.


> Second, there is a little packaging problem for 64 bit systems.  The
> library that is provided is only 32 bit, and to build it for a 64 bit
> system, there is a somewhat confusing situation. The library itself
> gets put into /usr/lib, which is supposed to be for 64 bit libraries.
> And to make the whole thing package up in a workable way, the arch
> ends up saying the packge is x86_64, even though it is only 32 bit.
> To run OpenBUGS on a 64 bit system, one h as to install the 32bit libc
> packages.
> I've built the RPM on a 32bit system, it comes out with the proper x86
> target in the file name,but that package will not instlal  on the 64
> bit systems. Should it?  (As I said, I can build the package on the 64
> bit system, and it comes out with a 64 bit file name, but it is really
> 32 bits.). Oh, bother, this is confusing to me, I can't imagine your
> situation.
> On the other hand, the ones I build on a 64 bit system:
> Show up with 64bit names even though they are 32 bit programs:
> In the current Fedora framework, I can't understand if that is
> supposed to happen.
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