Review Swaps

tim.lauridsen at tim.lauridsen at
Wed Jun 15 12:39:16 UTC 2011


I have a number of packages under review, they should be very easy to review

712560 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-theme-selector -
extension for review & change gnome-shell themes
712561 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-atolm - the atolm gnome-shell theme
712562 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-deviantart - the deviantart
gnome-shell theme
712563 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-gaia - the gaia gnome-shell theme
712564 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-orta - the orta gnome-shell theme
712565 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-smooth-inset - the
smooth-inset gnome-shell theme
712566 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-tron-legacy - the tron-legacy
gnome-shell theme
712567 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-ubuntu-ambiance - the
ubuntu-ambiance gnome-shell theme
712662 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar - auto
hide topbar extension
712690 Review Request: gnome-shell-theme-dark-glass - Dark Glass
gnome-shell theme

So if you what to do some swapping, then let me know.


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