Proposal: retire bittorrent

Jon Ciesla limb at
Wed Jun 15 13:17:38 UTC 2011

> 15.06.2011, 21:37, "Jon Ciesla" <limb at>:
>> My only concern is that there be a command-line replacement available.
>> šI
>> currently fetch my ISOs with bittorrent-curses and screen. šCan someone
>> with experience with any of them offer a recommendation? šPython, C and
>> C++ clients especially. šI've searched, but there are many out there.
> I think you should look at deluge-console for there is also a daemon that
> runs separately, supporting tasks priority, queueing, automatic torrent
> management, and they've got a nice bandwidth tweaking how-to for it [1].
> [1]




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