Problem with strange debug package requirements being added to package & a self introduction

Veeti Paananen veeti.paananen at
Wed Jun 15 21:12:57 UTC 2011


My name is Veeti and I'm a student from Finland. (Studying, however, is 
not one of my favourite pastimes).

I'm currently packaging (or trying to package) a small application 
called paco. paco is a simple tool for managing installations of source 
packages. (Basically, it logs what files "make install" litters your 
system with so that uninstallation is easy). The paco website is at

In any case, I've encountered a small problem. I've got a spec file that 
I think passes all the guidelines, etc. and it builds and works just 
fine on x86_64. However, when doing a mock/koji build for i686, some 
strange requirements are added for the package, as seen in this build log:

> Processing files: paco-2.0.9-3.fc15.i686
> (snip)
> Requires: /bin/bash /bin/sh /usr/bin/perl c08d9c216b94d87ba9e48b9ba6f243b21dd2ef.debug perl(Cwd) perl(Getopt::Long) perl(strict) perl(warnings) rtld(GNU_HASH)

More specifically, the following:

* c08d9c216b94d87ba9e48b9ba6f243b21dd2ef.debug

These don't exist on the x86_64 package.

(libpaco-log is a library used by the application internally only to log 

How do I get rid of these, and what is causing this?

(You can find the SRPM at


Veeti Paananen - future package maintainer (?)

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