Plan for tomorrow's FESCo meeting (2011-06-15)

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Wed Jun 15 21:56:06 UTC 2011

On 06/15/2011 07:42 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-06-15 at 18:58 +0000, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
>> On 06/15/2011 06:25 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>>> * Open Floor  (nirik, 18:07:26)
>>>     * ACTION: sgallagh will collect base / core packages that need
>>>       conversion to systemd and we will try and get those done by alpha.
>>>       (nirik, 18:20:43)
>> Can I ask why FESCO decided to ignore the feature owner(s) when making
>> this decision?
> This decision was made in order to help this feature move along. We
> discussed that we would like to see services converting to systemd
> throughout the development process, rather than (as is traditional)
> having them all drop two days before the beta release (or miss it
> entirely and have to be resolved post-beta).

If you guys had bothered to show the professional courtesy and asked me 
I could have provided you with this list ( which I ping Lennart about if 
he had any inside info on april ) of packages, which contains the 
service that need to be looked at ( note that this list might have 
shrinked since april ).

abrt-addon-ccpp ( /etc/init.d/abrt-ccpp )
audit ( /etc/init.d/auditd )
libcgroup ( /etc/init.d/cgconfig, /etc/init.d/cgred )
cpuspeed ( /etc/init.d/cpuspeed )
fcoe-utils ( /etc/init.d/fcoe )
iscsi-initiator-utils ( /etc/init.d/iscsi, /etc/init.d/iscsid )
? ( /etc/init.d/livesys/, /etc/init.d/livesys-late )
lldpad ( /etc/init.d/lldpad )
lvm2 ( /etc/init.d/lvm2-monitor )
mdadm ( /etc/init.d/mdmonitor )
device-mapper-multipath ( /etc/init.d/multipathd )
openvpn ( /etc/init.d/openvpn )

The rest of which get installed by default on any media we ship was 
converted and provided to the maintainer by the systemd convertion team 
during the last release cycle ( and a whole lot more ) so a more 
reasonable goal to be aiming at is finishing all services that atleast 
gets shipped on the live media before alpha then limit ourself with 
base/core and that should succeed ( with potentiall one execption cups 
that is if Tim is still waiting for that cups patch from Lennart) :)

And the above information I could have provide you with if simply ye had 

> This should help you out a lot, actually. Since you'll get a small
> subset of the services out of the way early and not be smothered with
> hand-holding just prior to beta. (Especially since those maintainers
> that have gone through the conversion for core/base will be able to help
> others along as well).

As I say let's put the goal a bit higher and aim atleast for all those 
service on the livecd

>> Any other goals/plans the sysvtosystemd features owners should be aware of?
>> Stephen care to give us a heads up?
> I've created a blocker bug for the sysv->systemd conversion for Alpha
> here:
> (That link will show all of the child bugs. There are eleven at the time
> of this writing, one already completed in Rawhide

Hum should this contain most if not all the bugs which contain systemd 
unit files from my wiki page

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