libgcal new owner

Mario Santagiuliana fedora at
Thu Jun 16 08:12:41 UTC 2011

Hi to all,
I'm a new package mantainer. I package akonadi-googledata (now in the 
updates-testing). This package needs libgcal library that is without 
I contact thomasj, the previous package maintainer and I take the ownership 
of this package for Fedora 14 and 15 (hope nearly fedora devel, but I can't 
check for EPEL).

I run git log on the repository cloned in my local machine:
$ git log -2 *.spec
commit 5e6b0b48b40198e4c9de33f1d1ba8690303974a5
Author: Dennis Gilmore <dennis at>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 23:53:21 2011 -0600

    - Rebuilt for

commit 7ee4386d3d5ab4d8eb1dfc397daf552e15ef85a2
Author: Thomas Janssen <thomasj at>
Date:   Fri Nov 5 11:04:13 2010 +0100

    spec fix

So now I should open a new Review request, isn't?
Mario Santagiuliana
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