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Mario Santagiuliana fedora at
Thu Jun 16 13:07:56 UTC 2011

In data 16/6/2011 14:46:59, Rex Dieter ha scritto:
> I don't think that's required, just take ownership, and update as
> normal.
> I see you've done that, but you missed "Fedora Devel" too.
> -- Rex

I take the ownership for "Fedora devel" now.
Whatever I open a new review request for my spec file:

There was an inconsistency  between spec file on fedora git repo scm master 
branch and spec file in src fedora 14...
Than I remove some line in the spec file so I prefer a new review because 
I'm new in fedora packager mantainer. So I follow these guidelines:

I hope anybody can take a quickly review.

Thank you very much!
Mario Santagiuliana
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