GNOME3 and au revoir WAS: systemd: please stop trying to take over the world :)

Bernd Stramm bernd.stramm at
Fri Jun 17 13:58:10 UTC 2011

On Fri, 17 Jun 2011 11:36:21 +0200
Vít Ondruch <vondruch at> wrote:

> So in conclusion it is not that surprising at the end, that W7 and G3 
> are pretty similar.

Tha's no excuse.

> Also the icons are getting bigger on both
> platforms.

Yes and the text labels are tiny. Most icons are useless, they are
equally meaningless in any language. So Gnome3 actively has made it
harder to find applications that I don't use frequently. That's not
brilliant, especially after they supposedly have done research on this.

No, it looks like they did some research, and then didn't come up with
any new ideas.

Bernd Stramm
bernd.stramm at

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