Laptop CPU overheating in Fedora, temperature +30 celsius higher than in Windows

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Fri Jun 17 19:47:48 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-06-12 at 19:24 +0100, José Matos wrote:

> so I think that the 365 here refers to the digital sound part.

Nope, it's the graphics adapter. The audio device here is not actually
your main sound card, but the video adapter's HDMI output; most modern
video adapters are capable of HDMI output and can route sound over it
(as is required by the HDMI standard). RV635 is the most correct name
for the GPU in question. Graphics adapter naming is a hideously messy
area which it's best not to look at too closely (it's like sausages...),
but if you must:

is a good entry point.

Basically, there is a unique name in the 'RV635' style for each GPU
which has actual silicon differences from any other GPU; there are then
consumer names, like Radeon HD 3650. There can be more than one consumer
part based on the same GPU where the only difference is some kind of
configuration issue, like the amount of memory or the core frequency the
adapter is clocked at by default. For example, in this generation, the
Radeon HD 3450 and Radeon HD 3470 are both based on the exact same GPU,
the RV620 part; as you can see from , the differences are in stock clock speed and the type of memory included.

The consumer names sort of follow a scheme, but it's a very loose one
that gets changed quite often and which is often breached anyway. The
GPU part names are rather more consistent, and driver authors often
prefer referring to those over the consumer card names. Ever since the
first Radeon cards, the ATI/AMD GPU part naming scheme has been
consistent, from R1xx (first Radeon adapters) through to R9xx (current
generation), going up 100 with each generation. Although this is
obviously far too sensible, so for the last few generations AMD has
insisted on using a series of stupid, arbitrary and unmemorable
geographical codenames, which seem to have taken precedence over 'R900'
for the latest generation.

NVIDIA's schemes are all over the map for both GPU part names and
consumer names. It's a freaking nightmare. Just see ...
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