Self Introduction

Paul Flo Williams paul at
Sat Jun 18 10:20:58 UTC 2011

Khusro Jaleel wrote:
> I asked Máirín Duffy on twitter what I could
> do to contribute for packages and she suggested fonts as an easy place
> to start so here I am :-)

She might have been half joking. Although packaging fonts is theoretically
easy because of the packaging templates we use, the state of upstream
archives is often very poor, with no clear versioning, missing licenses
and limited language coverage. Welcome :-)

> She has suggested some fonts I could package so I'm working through the
> first one, League Gothic. I'm having some trouble understanding what
> foundries are and how font packaging works in Fedora in general so any
> help along those lines is much appreciated.

The font packaging lifecycle is here:

League Gothic is already on the wishlist, so its page is here:

A foundry is an organisation or single person who issues fonts. The League
of Moveable Type is one such, and our foundry abbreviation for them is
tlomt. You'll find some of their other fonts have been packaged already,
so taking a look at those src.rpms may give you some pointers.

If you look through the wiki pages of fonts that have already been
packaged, you'll find the bugzilla numbers of their review requests, and
looking through some of the comments in those reviews will help you avoid
common mistakes.

I would recommend you join the fonts mailing list if you have further

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