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Khusro Jaleel mailing-lists at
Sat Jun 18 18:59:16 UTC 2011

On 18/06/11 11:20, Paul Flo Williams wrote:
> She might have been half joking. Although packaging fonts is theoretically
> easy because of the packaging templates we use, the state of upstream
> archives is often very poor, with no clear versioning, missing licenses
> and limited language coverage. Welcome :-)

Yes that is what I was thinking as well after looking at a few other 
fonts on the wishlist. Upstream could be anybody producing and releasing 
fonts with no set policy for releases or versioning in place.

> A foundry is an organisation or single person who issues fonts. The League
> of Moveable Type is one such, and our foundry abbreviation for them is
> tlomt. You'll find some of their other fonts have been packaged already,
> so taking a look at those src.rpms may give you some pointers.

Thanks, I guessed 'tlomt' as well which I guess was correct then. I 
didn't know there were some already packaged, looking through those 
.src.rpms would be hugely helpful.

> If you look through the wiki pages of fonts that have already been
> packaged, you'll find the bugzilla numbers of their review requests, and
> looking through some of the comments in those reviews will help you avoid
> common mistakes.

Yes, that is the other thing I was wondering about and I will look it up.

> I would recommend you join the fonts mailing list if you have further
> questions.

I have already done so and have joined the 'fonts-bugs' one as well just 
in case.

Thanks for the welcome, Paul.

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