Orphaning Slim, To Jan Kaluža for Fedora 16 Rawhide

Lucas macachuto at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 06:21:49 UTC 2011

I know that you was going to orphan Slim, but I would like to ask you for some additional help with it.
I found that slim currently works with pam but it looks like not properly.
In the March post in XFCE lists there is the message:


Some days ago i tried to replace gdm with slim, but this gave me the
problem that one could not access the system devices (soundcard, gfx hardware
opengl missing etc.) properly, because of broken pam/consolekit support in slim.

then I did the following:

1. applied a slim-1.3.2-ck.patch

Index: slim-1.3.2/app.cpp
--- slim-1.3.2-orig/app.cpp
+++ slim-1.3.2/app.cpp
@@ -236,7 +236,6 @@
          pam.set_item(PAM::Authenticator::TTY, DisplayName);
          pam.set_item(PAM::Authenticator::Requestor, "root");
-        pam.set_item(PAM::Authenticator::Host, "localhost");

      catch(PAM::Exception& e){

2. appended
"session    required	pam_ck_connector.so"
to the slim.pam file

with these two fixes f14's  slim plays just nice here.
maybe one should also update the symlink to slims default-background image to
reflect the current release artwork.


Can you please compile SLIM last time with this patch, so may be it starts to use PAM and CK will 
activate user.

Thanks in advance

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