systemd: bugreports for missing service-files

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sun Jun 19 13:42:26 UTC 2011

Am 19.06.2011 15:34, schrieb Michał Piotrowski:
> W dniu 19 czerwca 2011 13:03 użytkownik Reindl Harald
> <h.reindl at> napisał:
>> Am 19.06.2011 12:56, schrieb Michał Piotrowski:
>>> W dniu 19 czerwca 2011 12:41 użytkownik Reindl Harald
>>> <h.reindl at> napisał:
>>>> i better not comment this with more than "normally F15 should have not been released
>>>> without them" and if so it should be fixed
>>> I wanted that F15 contain systemd service files for all important
>>> services - unfortunately, few people wanted to help in this. Where you
>>> were when we had work on this?
>> i am sorry
> No need to be sorry :) You should just remember that the whole open
> source thing is just do-ocracy. If you need something, you often need
> to take care of it yourself.

i need to be sorry because i never had thought that since "systemd" was
planned for F14 and not ready it will be for F15, and ready is for me
using it really as designed or delay the release again - it is unacceptable
fpr a production-environment fire up services in random order :-(

maybe i am perfectionist - but shoukd perfect working things are not
the target or i am living really in the wrong world? :-)

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