Gnome borked?

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Mon Jun 20 12:11:00 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 04:41, Paul Johnson <paul at>wrote:

> Hi
> >> Its both a black screen of death and a black box process. Very
> frustrating.
> >>
> >> In gnome 2 when the session crashed one could still run apps (add the
> term
> >> shortut to nautilus, right click on the desktop and you have a term to
> launch
> >> a wm and a browser to look for solutions). In gnome 3 you're finished.
> >
> > Well it is just a window, you can alt-f4 out of it.
> tried that - you get windows up with no minimise bar etc. Close them
> and you get the logout warning again... Something is borked - looks
> like gnome-shell here.
It might go beyond gnome shell. For me, gdm also failed.
gnome-setting-daemon seemed to be crashing. I backed that out and then a
different crash ensued.

After several months of trying out gnome and trying to keep an open mind, it
was a good opportunity to switch to kde for a while.

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