Packages that will be orphaned

Jarosław Górny jaroslav at
Mon Jun 20 18:04:46 UTC 2011


Wiadomość napisana w dniu 2011-06-20, o godz. 19:34, przez Toshio  

> Due to the requirement for contributors to sign the FPCA by Thursday  
> of last
> week, certain package owners who haven't yet signed will be removed  
> from the
> packager group soon.  When that happens, the packages that they own  
> will be
> orphaned.
> mpdscribble

Oh, dear, I've missed the deadline. I've signed the FPCA now.
I received a notice:
"You have successfully completed the FPCA. You are now in the  
'cla_fpca' group"

Hope it's not too late...


PS. Sorry for spamming whole devel-list, but maybe I'm not the only  
one who didn't sign it on time and is now wondering what to do.

Jarosław Górny

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