systemd: bugreports for missing service-files

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Mon Jun 20 22:58:46 UTC 2011

On Tue, 21.06.11 00:52, Reindl Harald (h.reindl at wrote:

> > If there are dependencies missing, then they should be added to the
> > respective init script headers, please file bugs against the respective
> > packages.
> it has to respect "# chkconfig: - 79 31" since this worked for years
> and F15 should provide native services, and there are not native
> services for F15 while F15 replaces upstart with systemd QA had
> to suspend F15 becasue it was not ready as it was released

It respects that, but it LSB header information if available takes

> sorry, but i have to tell you that the real world and yours are not
> everytime the same - it is idiotic to file bugs against sysv-scripts
> and try to fix some legacy stuff because QA forbid to make it right
> and provide a natuve systemd service

It is usually very simple to fix LSB headers that already exist. It's
mostly about adding a single word to them.

> ANYWAYS: What you will not understand is that the order allone
> is not enough since you try fire up services as fast as possible
> and at the same time, so we come to the problem below

We start them as fast as possible, adhering to the ordering constraints
expressed in the LSB headers (or chkconfig prio if no LSB headers are

> >> so we come to the next major problem:
> >>
> >> it does not really matter for the admin who and why fires up mysqld in
> >> this case - if i say "systemctl stop mysqld" i mean this exactly so,
> >> everytime in everycase and systemd has to respect this!
> > 
> > As Michal and I independently verified systemd is actually behaving
> > correctly here, and you are running into a different problem, most
> > likely because mysql is autospawned on your activated socket
> this socket is needed because many things are broken if they start
> before mysqld is ready for connections, so it is highly recommended
> that systemd NEVER starts a service which was stopped by "systemctl
> stop service" - if systemd starts in this case myqld because some
> process try to write in the socket this is a bug or if you say
> this is not a bug and expected this way it is broken by design

Well, if you use .socket units, then you need to shut them down too, if
you want to be sure a service is never triggered due to socket

Note that to my knowledge mysql is not patched for socket activation,
and hence cannot be used with .socket units.


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