Heads-up: Maven builds might be failing for some period

Alexander Kurtakov akurtako at redhat.com
Thu Jun 23 12:53:11 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

Fedora is transitioning to using Maven 3 by default. Up until now it was 
working because a lot of things were bringing maven2 into the build system. 
Maven2 was part of Fedora for more ~5 years - long enough time to get a lot of 
crap accumulated. We are slowly fixing issues as they arrive but there will 
surely be a lot of pain until we get Maven 3.x properly working without maven2 
being installed. 
Example issues can be:
* failing to resolve parent poms
* failing to resolve artifacts
* projects depending on maven2 apis
* you hit one of the few incompatibilities between maven 3.x and maven2
* other issues we are still not aware of

Warning: None of the Java SIG active members has expressed any intention to 
work on improving maven2 anymore. So if you hit a problem with your maven 
build I strongly encourage you to move to maven 3 as fast as you can.

Realistically, maven2 bug reports might not be even processed for rawhide 
because both versions depend on the very same stack and we(Java SIG) as the 
maintainers of most of the stack are slightly moving it to maven 3 only. We 
will not break maven2 intentionally  but we won't stop improvements in maven 3 
because of maven2. 
In short, if you want to keep maven2 be prepared to put a lot of effort into 

Help us get a sane Java stack,

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