Proposed package drops due to FTBFS

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Thu Jun 23 15:09:40 UTC 2011

Below are the of packages which have outstanding FTBFS bugs from
earlier Fedora releases.  I've split them up by their 'dist' tag which
shows when they were last successfully built.

I recommend and propose to FESCo that all non-building packages with
Fedora 12 and 13 dist tags be considered for dropping prior to
branching Fedora 16.

Since Fedora 12:
gnome-do-plugins-0.8.2-1.fc12 [u'599889 NEW'] (build/make) nushio,antiaircraft
guile-gnome-platform-2.16.1-4.fc12 [u'599864 NEW'] (build/make) laxathom
imgtarget-0.1.4-4.fc12 [u'599895 NEW'] (build/make) grof
kanatest-0.4.8-3.fc12 [u'631023 NEW'] (build/make) robmv
kdetv-0.8.9-13.fc12 [u'631359 NEW'] (build/make) subhodip
kpolynome-0.1.2-15.fc12 [u'599875 NEW'] (build/make) chitlesh
ktechlab-0.3.70-3.20090304svn.fc12 [u'631203 NEW'] (build/make) chitlesh
libctl-3.0.2-10.fc12 [u'599894 NEW'] (missing_DSO_to_linker__ edhill,deji
libopensync-plugin-kdepim-0.22-6.fc12 [u'599881 NEW'] (build/make) awjb
multiget-1.2.0-7.fc12 [u'631052 NEW'] (build/make) guidoledermann,mtasaka
netgo-0.5-12.fc12 [u'631087 NEW'] (build/make) spot
notecase-1.6.1-6.fc12 [u'631448 NEW'] (missing_DSO_to_linker__ bouska
photoprint-0.4.0-7.fc12 [u'599755 NEW'] (build/make) grof
pigment-0.3.17-3.fc12 [u'599828 NEW'] (build/make) thias
postgresql-pgpool-ha-1.1.0-8.fc12 [u'599834 NEW'] (build/make) devrim
qgo-1.5.4r2-3.fc12 [u'631091 NEW'] (build/make) orphan
qucs-0.0.15-4.fc12 [u'631404 NEW'] (build/make) tanguy
rubygem-cobbler-1.6.1-1.fc12 [u'599799 NEW'] (unpackaged_files/python-egg-info?) jeckersb
starlab-4.4.3-7.fc12 [u'599988 ASSIGNED'] (build/make) lkundrak,mmahut
subtitlecomposer-0.5.3-3.fc12 [u'599833 NEW'] (build/make) tuxbrewr
xdx-2.4.1-3.fc12 [u'599818 NEW'] (build/make) bjensen,sindrepb
xsri-2.1.0-17.fc12 [u'599802 NEW'] (build/make) ssp

Since Fedora 13:
automake15-1.5-29.fc13.1 [u'631216 NEW'] (build/make) karsten
automake16-1.6.3-18.fc13.1 [u'631215 NEW'] (build/make) karsten
db4o-7.4-2.fc13 [u'631066 NEW'] (build/make) pfj
fsvs-1.2.1-1.fc13 [u'631437 NEW'] (build/make) davidf,wolfy
gpar2-0.3-9.fc13 [u'631134 NEW'] (build/make) drago01
gwave-2-18.20090213snap.fc13 [u'599862 NEW'] (missing_DSO_to_linker__ chitlesh,tnorth
klibido-0.2.5-13.fc13 [u'631410 NEW'] (build/make) faucamp
linbox-1.1.7-0.2.svn3214.fc13 [u'631173 NEW'] (build/make) jjames

Since Fedora 14:
agave-0.4.7-1.fc14 [u'631411 NEW'] (build/make) bonii
gnusim8085-1.3.6-1.fc14 [u'631067 NEW'] (build/make) sherry151,chitlesh
kazehakase-0.5.8-9.svn3873_trunk.fc14 [u'631305 NEW'] (build/make) mtasaka
link-grammar-4.6.7-3.fc14 [u'599978 NEW'] (build/make) uwog
rubygem-rcov-0.9.8-1.fc14 [u'631350 NEW'] (build/make) mmorsi
tilda-0.9.6-4.fc14 [u'631372 NEW'] (build/make) laxathom

Since Fedora 15:
cone-0.84-1.fc15 [u'631345 ON_QA'] (build/make) steve
gtkdatabox- [u'631349 NEW'] (build/make) ework
kadu- [u'599796 NEW'] (build/make) radekl,gajownik,radekl
monafont-2.90-12.fc15 [u'631326 NEW'] (build/make) mtasaka


Matt Domsch
Technology Strategist
Dell | Office of the CTO

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