Octave status update

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Wed Mar 30 20:35:53 UTC 2011

- octave-3.4.0-5.fc15 has been submitted:


This contains the latest macros and moves package to %{_libdir}/octave from 
%{_libexecdir}/octave.  Please test.

- New octave packaging guidelines have been ratified.  Announcement should 
come soon.


- I've made an oct2spec packaging script, package submission is here:


It should be basically working.  Thanks to José Abílio for helping here.

- I've put a list of octave forge packages here:


Perhaps people can sign up there for what packages they want to own.  We're 
going to need to make and review a bunch of packages.

- I would also like to see 3.4.0 in EPEL 6, but will wait until we are 
comfortable with it in F15.

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