adding manual to existing package - soft review ?

David Timms dtimms at
Sun May 1 22:48:26 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm adding a subpackage -manual to audacity to include the 
additional manual archive. It links from the help menu items if it is 
installed, or else points you to the in development online version.

I already made a mistake and included manual files in both the main and 
sub package. The spec change [1] I've committed fixes this.

The -manual package can be used by either audacity or 
audacity-freeworld. At the moment the manual spec marks up the 
datadair/audacity folder and hence dually owns it with audacity if that 
is installed. Reading the packaging examples, seems that this can 
sometimes be OK, but does what I've done make sense ?

Or should I Require the audacity (or audacity-freeworld) package, and 
not add the datadir/audacity folder to the -manual directory.

Thirdly, vague recollection of one source/package. Should the -manual 
just be a separate package anyway (review?) ? It's likely to be updated 
more often, but not necessarily in sync with the program.

4. Being new to git/fedpkg, how can I tell which branch I'm on ?


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