AWOL Apologies [Or: "I'm not dead yet!"]

Peter Gordon peter at
Mon May 30 00:56:20 UTC 2011

Hi, everyone. I want to deeply apologize for my recent several months of
absence without notice.

I realize that disappearing so abruptly, especially disregarding my
packaging work as I did, is entirely unfair. It was unfair to our users,
who expect my packages to be maintained consistently and regularly. It
was unfair to augment the workload of those who maintained these
packages in my absence (a huge debt of gratitude, by the way). And it
was unfair to the rest of the Fedora Project community who counted on my
regular feedback and contribution to ensure the continued high quality
of the distribution as a whole.

I know that I have been gone for a long time...heck, I've missed the
development of almost two full release cycles. However, I hope you'll
permit me to resume my contributions. I've been reading through some of
the the new packaging guidelines and instructions (such as the switch to
Git) and I believe I am comfortable with them; but as I am only human, I
will inevitably err and I hope you will quickly correct me. :)

Thanks for a _lot_ of amazing software and a wonderful community! Let's
keep up the great work! :)
Peter Gordon (codergeek42) <peter at>
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