Orphaning packages

James Bowes jbowes at redhat.com
Tue Nov 1 20:56:52 UTC 2011


I'm orphaning the following packages; I've not given them the proper
care and affection that they need.

eg -- Git for mere mortals
giggle -- A Gtk frontend to git
gitg -- GTK+ graphical interface for the git revision control system
ipython -- An enhanced interactive Python shell
mod_wsgi -- A WSGI interface for Python web applications in Apache
python-ZSI -- Zolera SOAP Infrastructure
python-elixir -- A declarative mapper for SQLAlchemy
python-vobject -- A python library for manipulating vCard and vCalendar files
stgit -- Patch stack for Git repositories

If you already have any ACLs on these packages, please feel free to grab
up ownership.

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