Making release of KDE LiveDVD spin for Fedora 17

alekcejk at alekcejk at
Wed Nov 2 02:50:01 UTC 2011


Fedora-Live-KDE CD's released officially are limited by size 700M
so there not much space for various KDE applications.
Such space becomes even smaller at every Fedora release because of
other non-KDE packages.
There was digikam and kipi-plugins on Fedora 15 LiveCD but no space
for them Fedora 16 CD's.

So is it makes sense to release not only 700M-sized Live-KDE images
but also 2G-sized (actual size is 1.5G) along with other Fedora spins?

Such 2G images additionally may contain basic KDE applications
such as digikam, kipi-plugins, kdeedu, kdegames and other.

Alexey Kurov <nucleo at>

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