Specifying arch in comps/yumgroups.xml

Theodore Papadopoulo Theodore.Papadopoulo at inria.fr
Thu Nov 10 01:23:29 UTC 2011

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I'm playing with comps to install software. I'm mostly in an x86-64
environment, but for compatibility I need some i386 packages...
but those seem to be invisible and I find no syntax that make them
visible... And there seems to be no error messages either at
createrepo time or at use time.

On the internet, I found the following message:

:>>>>> "sv" == seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu> writes:
:sv> No. It doesn't support arch syntax b/c comps doesn't support it
:sv> either.
:Any hope of extending it in the future?  It seems reasonable to be
:able to do this, either by just listing what you would give to "yum
:install" or by adding a tag:
:<packagereq type="default" arch="i386">ncurses</packagereq>
:sv> I can add a string to the output but there isn't one there now.
:It would be appreciated.  If you're short on time, feel free to point
:me at a general place in the code where I should look and I'll have a
:go.  I don't really speak Python but I'm willing to try.

Is it possible that nothing changed since 2004 ??
Is there any workaround to my problem...

Excerpt of my yumgroups.xml (the last package:

      <packagereq type="mandatory">flex</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">bison</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">openmpi</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">openmpi-devel</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">OpenSceneGraph</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">OpenSceneGraph-devel</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">xxx-1.10.00-2.i386</packagereq>

Thank's in advance

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