Fedora kernel bug day.

Dave Jones davej at redhat.com
Wed Oct 5 18:03:57 UTC 2011

Some details about the triage day we are holding tomorrow.

#fedora-kernel on irc.freenode.net

October 6th 2011

The primary focus is going to be on getting things in the best shape possible
for Fedora 16's release. However there are some useful things that can be done
for all releases.

* Fedora 14
  At this point in 14's lifecycle, many open bugs are not going to be fixed,
  due to the amount of work necessary to identify and backport individual fixes.
  Because of this, identifying open bugs that are still relevant on 15/16
  is important, so we don't perpetually have to keep dragging these bugs forward
  every release. 

* Fedora 15
  F15 bugs that are likely to affect F16 are obviously of importance, so triage
  assistance on those bugs is useful.  If a bug is confirmed to be still present
  in Fedora 16, add 'F16' to the whiteboard field. 

* Fedora 16:
  With the release of the F16 beta, the primary focus will be to make sure the
  existing bugs are all properly assigned, and triaged.

* Rawhide:
  At the moment, Rawhide is essentially in-sync with F16.  The main difference
  is that Rawhide kernels have debugging enabled by default, whereas F16 doesn't
  (except for the kernel-debug builds).  Because F16 is the upcoming
  release, we're focusing there but bugs found in Rawhide will likely still
  occur in F16 as well.  However, there are a number of 'perpetual' bugs that
  are stuck in rawhide (especially Feature requests and WIP items) and those
  should probably be avoided for now.  When in doubt, focus on F16.

General info:
* See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KernelTriage for further 'howto' info.
* Of particular importance are bugs that will prevent installation, break
  networking, or cause system hangs.
  These bugs should be marked as blocking the f16blocker bug.  To do this, you
  can use the 'f16blocker' alias or the actual bug number 713568.
  Confirm in IRC before adding them to the tracker bug. If you don't have the
  Bugzilla powers to add them to the tracker bug, ask in IRC and someone else
  will be able to do it for you.
* Bugs that aren't serious enough to be blockers but might warrant special
  effort to fix might be added to the F16-accepted tracker (bug number 713566).
  Again, check in the channel before adding a bug to this tracker.

Useful links:
All open f14 kernel bugs: http://bit.ly/nmkC8m
All open f15 kernel bugs: http://bit.ly/pIpDdM
All open f16 kernel bugs: http://bit.ly/ouhRBY

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