GDBM upgrade in F17

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Wed Oct 5 18:20:30 UTC 2011

On Oct 5, 2011, at 11:07 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Jesse Keating <jkeating at> writes:
>> tl;dr if you're looking for bodhi to allow on-demand creation of topic-tags for isolating build efforts from rawhide, that's too expensive of an item to allow a free-for-all at this time, in my opinion.
> Fair enough.  Is there a policy or guideline on how big a change is big
> enough to request a topic-tag for, rather than breaking rawhide until
> the rebuild completes?
> My particular reason for asking is that I'm looking at a soname bump for
> libpng, and if repoquery is telling me the truth, there are about 1200
> packages that will need to be rebuilt.
> 			regards, tom lane

When I was handling releng stuff, I liked to use the amount of days it would take to realistically fix things as a hubristic.  If it was going to take more than a day or two then it was probably worth it.  I also would make sure there has been some prep work, like attempted rebuilds in a local mock to find errors before we spend resources in the build system.

Your task of bumping libpng does seem like a reasonable use of a topic tag.  Although I'm not releng for Fedora anymore, I would recommend spending some time with mock testing the rebuilds to find errors before we create a divergent line of development.  The longer the topic-tag exists, the more risk you have of conflicting changes going on in rawhide vs the changes you're making in the topic-tag that will have to be reconciled.  The topic-tag should be used to get the work done, not explore what work might be necessary.

- jlk

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