Why EDID is not trustworthy for DPI

Matthew Garrett mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org
Thu Oct 6 14:15:14 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 03:57:38PM +0200, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:

> But maybe a quick 'I know I have a 13.3" widescreen laptop, you know the
> resolution, just make things work' should work for the single-screen
> case (esp if we stick to certain target DPIs as Adam suggested). One
> shouldn't ask the typical user for information that's too cumbersome to
> use, oui? Like asking them to use a physical ruler to match up against.

Like I said, that works fine right up until the point where you plug in 
a monitor with a different DPI. What do we do then?

Matthew Garrett | mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org

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