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Thu Oct 6 18:46:41 UTC 2011

My name is Greg, my handle these days is xaeth, which is effectively a
shortened versin of a name I made up for accessing a MUD with strict name
requirements the better part of a decade ago (I haven't played since around
then either).  @dayjob I am one of their lead linux engineers.  I work with
improving various bits of their platform and processes.  One of the first
things I had to learn when starting there >4 years ago was RPMs.  Since then
I became a stickler about enforcing the Fedora Packaging Guidelines as our
internal guidelines.  Sadly, there is always room for improvement,
especially when re-packaging software from 3rd party vendors.  The other
thing I had to learn a lot about was python, and we started to make that our
primary admin scripting tool internally.

I started helping out on the func and cobbler projects over the last year,
but currently project @dayjob is preventing me from contributing as much as
I want to at the moment (I've barely touched func since 0.29, i'm sorry

I am also starting to use augeas more and more in our puppet setup.  There
is a python-augeas package, but it is not in EPEL at the moment. I've built
the package and submitted the 1 patch I had in, but due to a lack of an EPEL
maintainer it hasn't gotten release to EPEL.  The other day on the list we
got into a discussion on augeas-devel and I volunteered to take on the role
if possible.

I've read through the Package_Maintainers wiki.  At one point in one of the
docs it mentions that do do this I should follow the "Become a
co-maintainer" process, but I guess I missed that specific processes'

So I'm at the point where I am introducing myself in the regular process :)

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