Package review SIG dead?

Mario Blättermann mariobl at
Thu Oct 6 20:39:29 UTC 2011

Am 06.10.2011 22:17, schrieb Richard Shaw:
> After some initial interest there doesn't appear to be any activity
> unless I'm missing something.
> I am still interested. Anyone else?
> Thanks,
> Richard

Yes, of course. I think we need some infrastructure besides the wiki. 
And a policy for handling old review requests, to shrink the 
continuously growing "new package review tickets" list a bit. There are 
a lot of tickets where the packager is no longer responsible. The list 
becomes confused more and more, and it's not attractive for potential 
reviewers, unless someone is interested in to see a certain software in 

Besides that, there are quite old package reviews with the 
FE_NEEDSPONSOR blocker set, and they seem to be one-time-wonders in many 
cases. I'm in doubt if they will find a sponsor one day.

Examples for such outdated tickets are bugs # 605290, 616935, 636930 and 
many more. In fact, all review tickets which are still incomplete and 
idle for more than half a year are outdated and should be closed (after 
a last attempt to ping the packager).

Best Regards,

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