Package review SIG dead?

Jon Ciesla limb at
Fri Oct 7 12:27:58 UTC 2011

>>>>>> "RS" == Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 at> writes:
> RS> After some initial interest there doesn't appear to be any activity
> RS> unless I'm missing something.
> Never could gather enough interest for anyone to actually do anything.
> Basically I stopped after I called for a couple of folks to help me with
> some things and there was no response whatsoever.
> RS> I am still interested. Anyone else?
> These days my interest is only occasional.  If someone else is actually
> willing to do something, then I'm willing to participate on some level.
> But I'm not enough of an organizer, and I don't have enough free time,
> to be the person who makes it happen.

I'm interested, but I'm also not a great people wrangler.  All I've
managed to do is organize and somewhat increase my own reviewing.  Which
is great, but doesn't scale. :)


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