tcplay: BSD-licensed alternative to TrueCrypt

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sat Oct 8 15:59:45 UTC 2011

On Sat, 08 Oct 2011 15:11:06 +0200
Milan Broz <mbroz at> wrote:

> Before this thread end in flame (as almost all discussions on this
> list :-)
> Truecrypt on Linux uses kernel dm-crypt, so it is all mainly about
> metadata format handling.
> I will probably try to add alternative to cryptsetup
> to handle directly Truecrypt format (which is documented on project
> page, outside of source), the same way I already added loop-aes
> support.

For those who didn't bother to look at the tcplay site (the subject of
this thread :) it claims to be re-implemented based on the upstream
docs and a bunch of trial and error (they claim the upstream docs are
wrong or misleading in a number of places). 

If it's truely a clean room re-implementation, hopefully it will be
acceptable license wise. 

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