tcplay: BSD-licensed alternative to TrueCrypt

Eric Smith eric at
Sat Oct 8 19:15:26 UTC 2011

Milan Broz wrote:
 > Truecrypt on Linux uses kernel dm-crypt, so it is all mainly about
 > metadata format handling.
 > I will probably try to add alternative to cryptsetup
 > to handle directly Truecrypt format (which is documented on project
 > page, outside of source), the same way I already added loop-aes support.

tcplay also uses dm-crypt. The author found that the Truecrypt format 
documentation had a lot of errors; see the tcplay README for details.

It appears that there are provisions for using an API from tcplay from 
other programs, but I haven't really examined that.

 > While I like Truecrypt myself, I would suggest to avoid it in distro
 > for license problems (as Spot already mentioned).

Which is exactly why I'm trying to get the BSD-licensed tcplay into Fedora.

It would be great to also have a way for users to deal with it through 
GUI tools, but tcplay does not provide that.

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