Firefox on Fedora: No longer funny

drago01 drago01 at
Sun Oct 9 09:34:58 UTC 2011

On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 11:43 PM, Christoph Wickert
<christoph.wickert at> wrote:
> Since Mozilla switched to the new rapid release model, Firefox in Fedora
> is no longer fun: Every 6 weeks a new major version hits our stable
> release and breaks Firefox horribly:
>      * My favorite extensions (and actually the only thing that keeps
>        me using FF) stop working. In the last 7 weeks I had to pitch in
>        three times and update packages to get things working again.
>        Sometimes there is not even an update available upstream.

Which extensions are you talking about? The ones I use never caused an
such issues.

>      * Firefox falls back to English as there is no language pack
>        provided. I have to go go the FTP server and download and
>        install the XPI file manually.

Something is broken on your system.
rpm -qV firefox should tell you that.

> So what can we do to improve the situation?
>     1. Can we bring back the language packs as part of the packages?

They are already there.

>     2. Can the FF maintainers make sure that all maintainers of
>        extensions get notified of changes *before* release of a new
>        package?

Which maintainers are you talking about? Packaged extensions or
upstream extension maintainers?

>     3. Can someone (I'm looking at you, QA) make sure all extensions
>        are still compatible?

That's already one of the test cases but you can't expect people to
test every extension in the world.

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