Firefox on Fedora: No longer funny

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sun Oct 9 10:59:59 UTC 2011

Am 09.10.2011 12:50, schrieb Christoph Wickert:
>> Which extensions are you talking about? The ones I use never caused an
>> such issues.
> For example mozilla-adblockplus or chatzilla, also German language packs
> or dictionaries.

use adblockplus from the mozilla-extensions page
works fine with FF4,5,6,7

problem is that the packaged extensions for FF/TB are NOT
updated as rapidly they should, but this is not a problem
of firefox itself

>>> So what can we do to improve the situation?
>>>     1. Can we bring back the language packs as part of the packages?
>> They are already there.
> Indeed, they are there, but stopped working at some point. At least for me.

seems only affect you because i would cry loud if my FF is no
longer in german and i am using the

>>>     2. Can the FF maintainers make sure that all maintainers of
>>>        extensions get notified of changes *before* release of a new
>>>        package?
>> Which maintainers are you talking about? Packaged extensions or
>> upstream extension maintainers?
> Packaged extensions of course, notifying upstream doesn't make much
> sense.

the question is why are the extension-maintainers are not using
updates-testing - i see a new ff-build as user at the same time
it is built and extensions-maintainers do not look what happening?

> No, but the packaged ones. It is the FF maintainers duty to notify
> extension maintainers in advance [1]. If they are proven packagers they
> could also fix the extensions themselves. If not they should apply for
> co-maintainership

in my opinion the maintainers of firefox should also maintain
the packed extensions and update/rebuild them at the same time
as FF/TB

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