Firefox on Fedora: No longer funny

Tim Flink tflink at
Mon Oct 10 17:26:21 UTC 2011

On Sun, 9 Oct 2011 11:05:28 +0200
Till Maas <opensource at> wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 11:43:58PM +0200, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> >      3. Can someone (I'm looking at you, QA) make sure all
> > extensions are still compatible?
> The problem is that testers seem to ignore test cases provided for
> updates, because there is an test case to check for extension
> compatibility.

Or the testers providing karma don't have the extensions in question
installed. Personally, I do use noscript but I grabbed it from and not as a Fedora package. To be honest, I didn't
even know that it was packaged.

The idea behind karma is to be more sure that an update doesn't
horribly break systems with a common configuration. Unfortunately, that
also tends to mean that every update isn't tested in every possible
configuration. There are only so many people pulling from
updates-testing that are willing to provide karma.

One (potentially unpopular) option would be to ask the FF maintainers
to increase the minimum positive karma for pushing to stable. Since FF
is a rather popular package, that is not likely to delay it's updates
much but would provide more time for different configurations to be
tested before a push to stable.

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